Electrical equipment division (Development, manufacturing, wholesale & sale of Electrical equipment, Ignite REV, Ignite VSD, G-Conductor, Shield Plug Cord, Powered Earth Cable, Super Main Cable, Battery Stabilizer). T.M.Works is the expert in automotive electrical equipment mainly to develop and manufacture engines' ignition management product 100% made in Japan. Products T.M.Works:
+ SuperEco SE Pulser
+ Direct Power Harness
+ Powered Earth Cable
+ Ignite VSD alpha 16V
+ Ignite VSD alpha CI
+ Hyper Direct Coil
+ MSI Multi Sparks Ignition System
+ DME TUNE Type A OBD Tuning Kit
+ High-Performance Exhaust System
+ Performance Monitor/Meter/Gauge

URL: http://tmworks-web.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TMWORKSSINGAPORE/